Monday, April 11, 2016

Hola hola! 

This week we encountered a lot of new investigators. None of our investigators assisted church this week which was sad, but the Elders in our Rama have a baptism this week which is exciting. We don´t have any who are really progressing but we are working on that and we have citas with them to fix that! 

I had my first division in my area this week which I was super super nervous for but it went good! My compañera went to San Vincente and Hermana Muñoz came here to be with me, which meant that I had to lead my area. I managed to find all the houses (which is a feat if you know my sense of direction!) and Hermana Muñoz helped me with the lessons (because my Spanish is still in progress) so it all went really well! We have changes this week and I really hope I stay here because I love my area... 

So one cool little miracle of the week: we were walking down the street and it randomly started raining. It made no sense because there were no clouds or anything, so I turned to my companion and said ¨where is this rain coming from??¨ and we heard a voice coming from the house next to us say ¨From the One and Only up above.¨ This is basically like begging the missionaries to come talk to you haha. So we walked towards the voice and found a man working in a yard and we stared up a conversation with him. It turned out he was really cool and really interested so we now have a cita to visit him this week. And it stopped raining literally the second we walked over to talk to him, it only rained long enough for him to say that and get our attention. As we walked away we passed a house playing Bon Jovi ¨Living on a prayer¨. Pretty perfect if you ask me! 

Thursday night the other Hermanas who live with us found Root Beer on the black market so we had root beer floats and it was heavenly. I don´t even like root beer floats that much but it was nice to have that bit of home! 

Also, one day we were looking for a house number 265 and there was 263 and 267 but no 265, and I thought that maybe it was like Sirius Black's house, but I didn't have my wand with me so I can't be sure... 
 Anyways hope everything is going good. Until next week!

Hermana Wittwer 

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