Monday, April 18, 2016


We had cambios this week and I was pretty scared of them but good news: Hna Aycho and I are both staying in Centinela!!! Unfortunately this means that I´m going to be killing my trainer but hey what can ya do. My zona is now a cemetery, this cambio is the last one for literally a third of the missionaries in my zone, so its going to be fun... 

So this week it was super rainy Wednesday until Sunday and I loved it. Unfortunately I learned a few lessons the hard way: 1. My boots are not waterproof. Going to buy some rain boots today haha. 2. If you don´t use your umbrella in the morning because you want to enjoy the rain you´re going to be very wet and cold all day. and 3. Sometimes your mom loves you and leaves nice notes in your shoes, but you don´t know that until you start finding bits of wet paper all over your socks. Haha thanks Mom love you! 

Wednesday the Elders in our Rama and us planned an activity for the District and it was awesome. We got the movie theater here in centro to play the movie ¨Meet the Mormons¨ and we made invitations and everything and it went great! We had a lot of people come! Unfortunately it was a little rainy so there were less people than we would have liked, but it was still a really good turnout. Thursday night I woke up to my very first earthquake. It was just a small little one and everyone else was like ¨that was cool, now back to bed¨ but I was all like ¨That was awesome!!!¨ 

Anyways things here are going good. We have a lot of new investigators still that we are working with but we are still struggling to find people who will progress. Nobody attended church again but part of that was because it was raining and when it rains everyone shuts down. This week we have a lot of lessons planned so hopefully next week I´ll have more to say about investigators. 

Anyways love you all hope life is going good. Adios until next week!

Hermana Wittwer 

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