Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hola hola! 

This week we have contacted a lot and set a lot of appointments to come back, so hopefully when I email next week I will have a lot more to say about all our new investigators! One person we contacted is a Jehovas Witness and she accepted a folleto and a date to come back. My companion said thats a first time for her in her mission, so we will see how that goes!

Tuesday was my compañera´s birthday so in the morning we made her breakfast and gave her little gifts and stuff ,so that was fun. In the night we had a little mini party for her, which basically just meant that we ate a bunch of food. Our table consisted of fried bread (called sopapillas, similar to scones), flan, honey, caramel, a can of sweetened condensed milk, salt, oil, butter, and chips. We all took a moment to acknowledge that this is why we are all going to gain 27 lbs on the mission! haha. 

Friday night we had a home evening with the branch in the chapel and it went super well. We went to pick up an investigator named Gabriela to go to the activity with us, but when we got to her house her mom said ´´sorry she can´t go she is busy... but is it ok if I go with you guys instead?´´ Um, YES! So she came to the activity with us, which was my first time having an investigator at an activity. We have a date set to visit her again and are hoping to get her to come to church with us this next week. 

Today for P Day we had an activity as a zone and we took a bus out to an area called puente negro (a area out by the mountains by a river) and had a BBQ. It was a blast, and don´t worry mom, I actually took a lot of pictures for a change and will send them on Wednesday. 

So there is this thing that I hate. A lot of the time when we are talking to people they say something that is super doctrinally incorrect, and afterwords they look at us and say ´´or no?´´ and the answer is ´´NO!´´ but it's awkward to straight up tell peole to their face that their beliefs are wrong. But also we can´t exactly agree with them, so then we just end up in this awkward situation, and I look at my companion and she changes the subject. Haha this happens a LOT. 

Anyways love you all have a fantastic week!
Hermana Wittwer

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy mothers day to everyone yesterday!!! It was so amazing to talk to my family, they really are the best. And I didn´t even cry at all so props to me (am I allowed to lie on my mission or is that like a really bad sin?). 

Anyways this week everyone and their dog got sick (or maybe just the two hermanas that we live with) so my compañera and I had to do divisions for part of the day Friday and Saturday so that the other companionship could get to their important lessons. It went well and it was cool to work in the other sector but I didn´t like not being able to work in my sector as much as I wanted to this week. Also the mission nurse doesn´t speak Spanish so I get to try and translate a bunch of fun medical terms for the other hermanas which is an adventure!

This week, like all weeks, we walked a lot. We had a lesson planned in the end of our sector which is about a hour walk out and a hour back, but when we got there the lady said that they were busy eating and that we should come back another time. So we went back another time and got rescheduled another time... We will try again in a while haha. 

Food. I don´t think I´ve ever eaten as much food in my life as I did on Friday. Literally every one we talked to fed us cake or bread and we can´t really refuse it. And then I did divisions in the night in the other sector and we were given more food. I seriously almost puked but I managed to eat everything which is what's important haha. 

We still haven't had any investigators come to church which is a little disappointing but we are working hard and praying lots! We have a few new investigators that we are working with so hopefully we will start to see more progress with them.

Anyways adios for now talk to you all next week!

Hermana Wittwer 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


So this last Wednesday I had my 3 month birthday which is CRAZY! I can´t believe it's been that long, time sure passes fast. One of the hermanas that I live with had her 6 month birthday so we had a little party in the apartment which was fun. 

This week we discovered a new area in our sector. We had always thought our sector ended at a point but turns out there is another villa we didn´t know about that is way out in the country. It's a pretty far walk so we only can go out there about one day in the week which is too bad because I want to go there every day, it's gorgeous in the country! 

Wednesday we started teaching English classes in the church. I´m making my compañera teach them to help her English but I help her out when she needs it. We also taught a Family Home Evening with the ward on Friday and it went really well, I love the families here, they are so fun! 

We had divisions on Friday, so I led my sector for the day. It was a little scary but I realized that I know my sector a lot better than I thought. Now I just got to perfect my Spanish and I will be set! 

We still don´t have any investigators that are really progressing so we are contacting a lot still and searching for new people. Its hard work at times and a lot of walking but I´m enjoying it!

Anyways love you all, hope this week goes great!

Hermana Wittwer