Monday, June 26, 2017

Hey everyone! So this week has been super different for me. For almost of all my mission I have been in branches, but here in Rengo is a ward. But not like any ward, I'm talking about one of the biggest and best funcioning wards in the mission. It's awesome! There are a lot of members here and our ward mission leader is working like crazy and has his own whole committee. Its crazy haha. 

My companion is Hermana Gonzalez. She is 23 and from the Dominican Republic but lived in Spain for 5 years before coming to the misson. It's fun because it means I get to learn to talk in 2 different accents from her. She is super fun and energetic so its going to be a good change here with her!

So our investigators: we put a few baptismal dates this week and we have some people who are starting to progress nicely. Here are a few:

Sol: Sol is a kid with 10 years. Normally I don't love teaching kids (sorry) but she is super cool and really intelligent. Her sister was baptized a few years ago but lives in a different city and her mom can't go to church because she has to care for her little brother with disabilities-but the members are helping us with her and taking her to church and everything. She really wants to be baptized and has a date for July 9th.

Alejandra: Alejandra just barely accepted a date for the 29th of July. She is in her 30s and has 4 kids and listened to missionaries a little a few years ago but couldn't progress because she wasnt married. luckily for us, she recently got married and has a lot of desire to listen to us and to follow Jesus Christ. 

Ok actually for a lack of time I'm only going to tell you about those two and I'll write more about the rest later. Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Hermaña Wittwer

Oh also funny story this week: turns out that when the other Hermaña left this sector SHE TOLD ALL OF THE MEMBERS THAT I PLAY THE PIANO! Heads up, I totally don't. So every single member has exitedly asked me "Oh are you going to play the piano for us this sunday??" and I have had to say (like 247 times) "No sorry, I don't actually play the piano..." So kids, when you quit piano because you don't want to practice, know that you're going to regret it later!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hey folks! 

It's been a good week. Our investigators are progressing, a few came to church yesterday, we found a few new people this week, we had some fun activities in our ward, and nobody stole our bikes. All is well.

This week for service I had to help like 3 people with English. Unfortunately this has become harder and harder for me to do. I taught my companion to just put "tion" at the end of words in spanish to speak in english and now find myself doing it too, and now I'm not sure if the words I use exist or not... 

So on Thursday I woke up with a cough. But not any old cough, this cough was coming from my soul and shaking my bones. Literally my companion thought I was going to die haha. Well the cough progressed nicely and by saturday night I was too sick to go work in my sector so I had to go home a few hours early. In 16 months I have never spent a single day in the house until Saturday. It was horrible. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored! But don't worry, we found ways to keep busy by organizing the Area Book. That book is beautiful now, so nice and organized :) The good news is that Sunday I was good enough again to leave and work! 

Anyways, the truth is that not that much happened last week. Just another week in Chile! Hope everyone is doing well, see ya in a few months!

Hermaña Wittwer

Mom excerpt: Ky  told me last week that her and her district had made sushi. I asked her if they had put fish in it or if they had just used rice. Her response was "chicken nuggets hahahaha. we are missionaries. and poor." I about died laughing. Chicken nugget sushi....

Friday, June 2, 2017

Hey everyone! Okay sorry for not writing, for a few weeks but here is what's been going down:

This week was LOCA! we had sooooooooooooooooo much to do and no time to do it. We had lessons scheduled every single hour and were running from place to place. We found a lot of new people and were able to see good progress in a lot of others.

These last weeks we have seen major changes in Solange and Jaime. We have been working a LOT with Jaime to help him change a few things and HE HASN'T SMOKED IN 2 WEEKS!!! It is a huge miracle, we can literally see the atonement working through him. He has so much desire to learn and change and is so humble. He is also listening to the Book of Mormon and praying every day :) And the whole family of 5 came to church yesterday! They are so golden and so prepared, now we just need to help them get married so they can be baptized. 

One interesting thing that happened with Solange this week is that she was trying to get a new house and she had everything lined up and had been working on it for months but then, for some reason, it fell through this week. When we heard we thought she was going to be distraught, but when we got to her house she said "Well, this probably just means God has something better waiting for me. And it probably means I need to get married and be baptized here in this ward first and then go look for my house." It's amazing to see how sometimes things dont work out how we want, but if we let them work out how our Heavenly Father wants we will always be happy in the end. 

Another great investigator is Jose. He is 17 and from Colombia and is awesome. He went to church this week for the second time and he really liked it. He understands really fast and has a strong desire to learn (he had never heard of the "mormon church" before coming to chile!). He actually accepted a baptismal date for June 17 BUT he talked to his Dad and his Dad said no... we were all pretty sad about that but Jose said his dad said he could keep listening and going to church and maybe he will change his mind if he sees that Jose really wants to do this. So please pray for him lots! 

Other things that happened this week:
 Thursday we had a Zone Conference (I had to speak and, side note, still hate public speaking).
Saturday we traveled 2 hours to a little town called Licanten and helped out there. 
Saturday I also completed 16 months in the mission. Ew. 
Last night my comp and I drew on the other missionaries faces while they were sleeping. 
Life is great. I love the mission. I love you all. See ya soon!

Hermaña Wittwer