Tuesday, May 3, 2016


So this last Wednesday I had my 3 month birthday which is CRAZY! I can´t believe it's been that long, time sure passes fast. One of the hermanas that I live with had her 6 month birthday so we had a little party in the apartment which was fun. 

This week we discovered a new area in our sector. We had always thought our sector ended at a point but turns out there is another villa we didn´t know about that is way out in the country. It's a pretty far walk so we only can go out there about one day in the week which is too bad because I want to go there every day, it's gorgeous in the country! 

Wednesday we started teaching English classes in the church. I´m making my compañera teach them to help her English but I help her out when she needs it. We also taught a Family Home Evening with the ward on Friday and it went really well, I love the families here, they are so fun! 

We had divisions on Friday, so I led my sector for the day. It was a little scary but I realized that I know my sector a lot better than I thought. Now I just got to perfect my Spanish and I will be set! 

We still don´t have any investigators that are really progressing so we are contacting a lot still and searching for new people. Its hard work at times and a lot of walking but I´m enjoying it!

Anyways love you all, hope this week goes great!

Hermana Wittwer 

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