Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy mothers day to everyone yesterday!!! It was so amazing to talk to my family, they really are the best. And I didn´t even cry at all so props to me (am I allowed to lie on my mission or is that like a really bad sin?). 

Anyways this week everyone and their dog got sick (or maybe just the two hermanas that we live with) so my compañera and I had to do divisions for part of the day Friday and Saturday so that the other companionship could get to their important lessons. It went well and it was cool to work in the other sector but I didn´t like not being able to work in my sector as much as I wanted to this week. Also the mission nurse doesn´t speak Spanish so I get to try and translate a bunch of fun medical terms for the other hermanas which is an adventure!

This week, like all weeks, we walked a lot. We had a lesson planned in the end of our sector which is about a hour walk out and a hour back, but when we got there the lady said that they were busy eating and that we should come back another time. So we went back another time and got rescheduled another time... We will try again in a while haha. 

Food. I don´t think I´ve ever eaten as much food in my life as I did on Friday. Literally every one we talked to fed us cake or bread and we can´t really refuse it. And then I did divisions in the night in the other sector and we were given more food. I seriously almost puked but I managed to eat everything which is what's important haha. 

We still haven't had any investigators come to church which is a little disappointing but we are working hard and praying lots! We have a few new investigators that we are working with so hopefully we will start to see more progress with them.

Anyways adios for now talk to you all next week!

Hermana Wittwer 

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