Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hey folks! So we had changes and I got a new compañera named Hermana Alvarez. She is from Ecuador and has 1 year in the mission and is awesome! She is also a coordinadora (like an hermana leader type thing) which means I´m going to be having a lot of divisions again but its alright I like divisions. Hermana Alvarez is super spunky and always very animated and upbeat and we´ve already made brownies for breakfast so I think this is going to be a fun change together.

So because I´m staying here this change I´m going to be spending a third of my mission in the same sector. The joke here in my zone and in my Rama is that I'm going to serve Mission Chile Centinela haha. But honestly its ok I LOVE my sector and I don´t ever want to leave! Its awesome because I know everything here. I know the streets (better than I know St George I think), I know the people, I know the colectivo (taxi things) drivers, I know the names of everyone´s dogs.

This week has been super rainy. It rained, and rained, and rained a little bit more. I love rain more than the average person but its a little less fun when you are obligated to be in it all day and you aren´t allowed to play in it... Luckily I managed to find some old rain boots in the house because the roads here are RIVERS! The only good thing about rain is everyone else is in their house and sometimes the feel bad for us so they offer us once (like a mini dinner thing with hot chocolate/tea/café and bread).

This week we had some really good lessons and saw a lot of miracles. We had some lessons fall through but because of it we found new people who wouldn´t have been there any other day. Nobody came to church this week but we are starting to see some investigators progress and are hoping that this week they will be able to attend!

Anyways love you all have a great week!

Hermana Wittwer

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