Thursday, November 10, 2016

Earthquakes, creepy bugs, and a baptism!

Friday morning the Elders called us and said "Hey hermañas, you need to prepare yourselves because there is going to be a huge earthquake today." "Really??" we replied. "Nah we are just messing with you haha. We just called to tell you that we have lunch with hermaña Ponce today." Yeah thanks.... 30 minutes later we were walking down the street and the gate next to us started shaking like crazy. "Its the earthquake" my compañera yells. "No, don't worry, the elders were joking. There are probably some kids playing behind the gate is all." was my calm reply. Turns out it totally was a 6.something earthquake. I think in any other country that might be a big deal or something, but we are in Chile so nobody reacted at all haha. 

So our sector has been taken over by these bugs. But they are like the creepiest mix between an earwig and centipede, and all of the other creepy bugs in the world. And they are everywhere. In the street, on our table, in our shower, in my food, everywhere. I am not scared of a lot of things. But I HATE these bugs and they freak me out! Luckily my companion Hermaña Pancho is from the Philippines so she doesn't have a problem killing bugs. She has come to recognize my "There is a creepy bug and I need you to come kill it for me" yell and she always kills them for me. (Other benefits of having an asian companion include, but are not limited to,: her making me rice for breakfast, her walking in the street with an umbrella to block out the sun, and much more.)

So on Wednesdays we had intercabios with the Hermaña Coorinadores (or the sister leaders) and I went to their sector with Hermaña Janzack (I got there and opened up my backpack with my clothes, and a creepy bug crawled out). It was awesome because their sector is the centro de Rancagua but we went out to a part that was far away in the campo. It was like the most peaceful and beautiful place I have ever been to. I love my sector, but I miss the campo! 

So we have a fairly new mission president. And this week things have started changing even more. He and the mission leaders got together and set a bunch of new goals for the mission, and made plans to reach them. Basically it's going to be super hard, but I am determined to make our sector reach the goals! As part of this, he decided that as a mission we need to contact more. So he made one goal that every compañerismo has to give 2 libros de Mormon every day with a return appointment, or a reference for someone else. I love the goal. Just imagine, that's about 200 Libros de Mormon every day as a mission! 

This Sunday was the BAPTISM OF ANDREA!!! We had her baptism Sunday right after church and it was so special. Her husband baptized her and they were so happy after! They are already talking about how their son is going to be serving a mission, and how they will be sealed in the temple in a year. I honestly love them so much, and feel so blessed for being able to help them find the happiness and joy that only the gospel brings :) 

Guys, there is NOTHING like being a missionary! The experiences are amazing. And crazy. 

Hermaña Wittwer

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