Monday, November 7, 2016

(This is from Oct 21,2016)

Hi everyone! 

This week Andrea (our investigator) called us and said "I want to do a family home evening with just my family and you guys! If you do the lesson I will plan everything else!" Which she did. And it was awesome. She even tried to make cupcakes like the ones I did (they turned out a little differently but that's alright, it was a first try haha). She is going to be baptized this week and we are so excited for it!!! There is seriously nothing like seeing the gospel change people's lives. But as much as it's changed the lives of all my investigators, I still think the person I've seen it change the most is myself. 

This week we had about 23985607appointments planned. And one by one almost every one of them fell through. It was almost weird. But you know what? It was because God had some people he wanted us to find, so he just decided to give us some time to do some looking! Next weeks report will be full of new people and fun miracles :) 

Oh, also I hit 9 months this week which was weird.... I still don't really believe it and don't think I will until I'm on the plane ride home. The mission is amazing and I'm loving life!

Hermana Wittwer

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