Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hey folks! 

It's been a good week. Our investigators are progressing, a few came to church yesterday, we found a few new people this week, we had some fun activities in our ward, and nobody stole our bikes. All is well.

This week for service I had to help like 3 people with English. Unfortunately this has become harder and harder for me to do. I taught my companion to just put "tion" at the end of words in spanish to speak in english and now find myself doing it too, and now I'm not sure if the words I use exist or not... 

So on Thursday I woke up with a cough. But not any old cough, this cough was coming from my soul and shaking my bones. Literally my companion thought I was going to die haha. Well the cough progressed nicely and by saturday night I was too sick to go work in my sector so I had to go home a few hours early. In 16 months I have never spent a single day in the house until Saturday. It was horrible. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored! But don't worry, we found ways to keep busy by organizing the Area Book. That book is beautiful now, so nice and organized :) The good news is that Sunday I was good enough again to leave and work! 

Anyways, the truth is that not that much happened last week. Just another week in Chile! Hope everyone is doing well, see ya in a few months!

Hermaña Wittwer

Mom excerpt: Ky  told me last week that her and her district had made sushi. I asked her if they had put fish in it or if they had just used rice. Her response was "chicken nuggets hahahaha. we are missionaries. and poor." I about died laughing. Chicken nugget sushi....

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