Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ok I have very little time so I'm going to keep this one brief. Things here are great still! It's super busy and I'm learning a lot and feeling the spirit every day. We had the opportunity to go to the temple last week and it was amazing. I seriously received so much comfort and peace, and because of that experience I know that I can be a tool in Gods hands. I know that if I keep working I will be able to learn Spanish and everything will work out! 

So while we were playing soccer the other morning (we play every day I love it) Hna Richards got hit in the face and got a super bad concussion. She was soooooooo out of it. When the Elders asked for her full name to give her a blessing she said "do they need my street name too?" She is so funny and I love her! 

My teacher Hno Vera is super sassy. In the beginning of class he wrote the score of the super bowl game on the board and wouldn't tell us which team was which. It was torturous and I don't even care that much about either team... No, but really I love my teachers. They are amazing and I have learned so much from them. They act as investigators and we teach them every day and our Trio has definitely improved so much from the first lesson! It makes me super excited to get out into the field. 

It's funny how every day seems to never end, but looking back at these last two weeks I feel like I must have missed them because they flew by so fast. No matter how good or bad a day might be I always go to sleep happy. That's just the mission life I guess. This truly is the Lord's work and I'm so blessed to be out here serving Him. I know that this is the true church and I have such a firm testimony that every aspect of it can bless us in our lives! 

I love you all and hope things back home are going great. Until next week!

 Love Hna Wittwer 
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Santiago, Chile temple

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