Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Power of Prayer...

Wow I can't believe another week has come and gone! The days are long here but the weeks fly by its crazy. Some really great things and some really sad things have happened this week!

 First off, all the Spanish speakers who are only here for two weeks left, and along with them went District 6, which was the older group of gringos. I am going to miss them so much they have been so nice and so great! I'm especially going to miss my Latino roommates. Sure I can't understand most of the things they say but they are so funny and I really do love them! We got a new batch of gringos this last week and get this: its 11 hermanas and 2 Elders. That's even worse than my district! So now the entire CCM is composed of 20 Hermanas and 4 Elders. Luckily we get some new Latino missionaries in a few days so that will hopefully even things out a little more. 

 So the most amazing thing happened on Friday. Elder Bednar was in Santiago to meet with stake presidents and have meeting and he was in the building next to us but he didn't have time to come see us or anything so we were all pretty sad. Most of us had never met a general authority and wanted to so so bad and so we prayed that we would by some miracle have the chance to just shake his hand or something. Hermana Hilburn wanted it most of all and she was the one who said the prayer and everything. So then that night Hermana Brady (our mission president's wife) ran into our class and said that Elder Bednar would be driving by and that if we lined the drive way we would be able to see him pass. We all sprinted outside and all the missionaries in the CCM (there were a lot more than 24 of us back then before everyone left) lined the road. As his car came towards us it slowed and then, to our surprise, it stopped. Elder Bednar and his wife got out of the car and, even with their super busy schedule, took the time to shake every single missionary's hand. It was so amazing the spirit he had with him! You could just tell that he was a man called by God, there was no doubt in any of our minds. And the best part was that when he reached Hna Hilburn he randomly stopped and asked her questions and just talked to her for two minutes. Guys God really does answer prayers and wow are the General Authorities so in tune with the spirit! 

 Besides that its been a fairly normal week in the CCM. Lots of Spanish, lots of teaching, and lots of learning. I really am so happy here and I can feel the Spirit every day. Anyways I love you all and miss you tons but there is nowhere else I would rather be than where I am. One month down see you all in 17!

 Love Hermana Wittwer 

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