Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why hello again everybody! This week has been just another average week in the CCM. Lots of lessons, lots of teaching, lots of learning. I'm loving my lessons. The spirit in the CCM is so strong and everyone is so nice and fun it's great! 

Unfortunately this last week our President made a new rule: no contact sports. Which means no more soccer. Its understandable because people keep getting hurt but still sad! Its alright though because now we all play a new fun game during physical activity, the Latinos just don't worship Hna Barnett and me anymore.

My companionship lost our old roommates and got new ones who don't speak any English and it's crazy! Trying to communicate is such an adventure. Lots and lots of sign language to say the least. One of them is from Spain and she is more calm and easier to understand but the other one is from Colombia and she is crazy!! I absolutely lover her she acts like a 7 year old its hilarious. 

So on Sundays we don't have classes and instead we have church and watch devotionals and do other things, and every Sunday night we do something fun together with everyone in the CCM (The CCM is very small so there is maybe 50 of us max). This Sunday everyone wrote their favorite hymn on a piece of paper and we drew them out and sang the first verse in Spanish and the second in English and it was so funny to hear the Latinos try to sing in English is was a blast! We also had them try to say the Apostles names like we do in the USA and its was hilarious. 

Ok got to go but I hope everything is going great for everyone I love you all!! 


Love Hermana Wittwer 


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