Thursday, August 18, 2016

Well folks, this has been the craziest week of my mission. Why? Well let me answer that in two words: Special changes. What does "special changes" mean? Well it means that President called us at 8:30 Wednesday morning to tell me that today I wouldn´t be going to work in my sector but that I would be staying home to pack up my suitcases and at 6:00 the assistants would come pick me up in their car and take me to my new sector in Rancagua. 

So yeah anyways I am no longer in San Fernanado but in Rancagua! My new sector is Baquedano. Its super different than Centinela (my old sector). There are houses. Neighborhoods. Cars. Streets. Building with more than two stories. Its going to take some getting used to haha. But the good thing is that Baquedano is a sector on the uprise and has a lot of really good potential! We have a lot of new investigators and although I haven't met all of them, I am excited to work with the ones we have. 

I was super sad to leave Hermana Alvarez but my new companion is sweet! Her name is Hermana Barreiro. She is from Argentina and this is her second change in the mission which means I will be finishing her training for 2 weeks and then its probable that we will be together this coming change too. Its always a little weird getting used to new companions but thats the mission for ya!

Good things about Rancagua: 
1. I found Peanut butter-WOOT!!
2. It's not as cold (and I think we are FINALLY leaving winter)
3. The branch here is super cool and huge compared to my old one!
4. Our house has a cat named Lenny (ssshhhhhh don't tell my Mission President)

Anyways with all the crazy things going on there wasn´t a lot of time to work in my sector so I´m going to leave things here. Guys I know this is God´s work and I have seriously learned so much in the mission. Love you all see ya in a year!

Hermana Wittwer 

Saying goodbye to Hermaña AlvarezAdios AmigasHola Hermaña Barriero

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