Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Miracle week...

Well this week has been great! To start off I want to tell you all about a few miracles we have been seeing here. The first Sunday of this month we fasted together as a mission that we would be able to find people who were prepared and who wanted to hear our message. And there have been soooooooooooooooo many results throughout the mission! One big miracle that we saw happened Tuesday. All of our appointments fell through so we were contacting and we found a family. Turns out that 2 years ago they were meeting with the missionaries a lot and they loved the church! They had been going through a lot of problems when the missionaries got there, but all their problems were resolved through what they learned from the missionaries. They have a testimony of the gospel and they only weren't baptized because they were working a lot and lost contact with the missionaries. So in our first lesson with them we committed them to talk together and set a goal to get married and then after to be baptized. They are GOLDEN! 

We also found a lady who is a little bit crazy and super hippie. She talked a lot to us about the earth and energy and meditating and spirits and past lives and things like that. We have only had one lesson with her but today we are going to teach her again so we will see how that goes! She is super happy to receive us and when we gave her a Book of Mormon she was really grateful and said she was going to read it even if it took her 5 years (but we are hoping it wont take quite that long haha). She is really great and has a lot of potential. 

Potential is something I've learned a lot about in the mission. I've learned how much potential everyone has and how much worth everyone really has. It makes me want to talk to every one and it really makes me love every one here! 

We are also teaching a girl named Yuyunis. She is 10 and her mom is inactive, but she is GREAT! She really wants to be baptized and has already stopped drinking tea and has attended church 4 times. She has a baptism date in two weeks and we are all super excited for her!

This Wednesday we had divisions so I went to Rengo with Hermaña Gardiner and I FINALLY got to use bikes!!!! I was pretty stoked. The bikes were purple and super girlie and the brakes don't work, but hey, better than nothing. Hermaña Gardiner has 5 months in the mission. It's weird because suddenly I'm not the new missionary, there are a lot of people with less time than me... also I can't use the excuse of not understanding Spanish anymore if I don't want to answer a question, because I've got a good amount of time here and I can totally understand now haha. 

Anyways things here are going great, I feel like I have learned so much and grown so much these past weeks and although its hard changing sectors, I know I'm where I need to be right now. Love you all bye!

Hermaña Wittwer

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