Thursday, September 15, 2016

This week we had the baptism of Yuyunis!! She is an angel. Her mom Catalina was inactive in the church but is now going regularly and stopped working Sundays! Her baptism went really great, there was about 20 people who came to support her from the ward which was awesome. There was a scary moment when we couldn't find the keys to open the doors to see into the baptismal font but after about 10 minutes of looking and trying every key that has ever existed we finally found the right one. She was super happy after the baptism and really loves being part of the church. 

HOWEVER something very unfortunate did happen this week. Hermana Barreiro and I did service and cut someones grass with our weed wacker thing and afterwards we took the machine with us to lend to the elders of Donihue. We flagged down a colectivo (a taxi like thing) and put the machine in the trunk and happily headed out to the church. When we got there we got out of the colectivo and walked about 20 ft when I suddenly realized that we were missing the grass cutter. And at that point our colective was long gone... We asked a few people what we could do to get it back and they told us we need to call the line and ask. However, if we had been paying enough attention to know what line it was we wouldn't have forgotten our machine... We know it was orange and there are about 9 orange lines with about 200 colectivos each so we will see what happens there. Oops!

A quick explanation of a few pictures: We like to do Family Home Evenings with less actives here which consists in a short lesson, food, and a game. My favorite game is la papa se quema which basically ends up with all of us looking like clowns with face paint. So if you see a lot of pictures where we all look ridiculous thats why!

This week we had a LOT of appointments planned and we had a LOT of appointments fall through. But its ok because it gave us an opportunity to look for more people and we found 6 new investigators this week! I love that even when things seem like they are going bad, they are actually going good, just in a different direction. 

Anyways love you all! Bye until next week!(unless I don't survive the 18 of September...) 
*editors note-Sept 18 is Chile's independence day*

Hermana Wittwer 

PS shoutout to my mom and awesome family for sending me the BIGGEST CARD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

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