Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Well this week has been full of lots of interesting events! Here are a few:

Awkward story: we were outside of a house of a less active yelling "Halo!" and waiting for them to open the door. They were obviously home but nobody was answering. I was talking to my companion about how in Centinela (my old sector) there was a recent convert who NEVER answered the door when we came by (to this day I still have never seen him) but it had become a tradicion to pass by his house once or twice a week to see if he was home. So for 6 months I passed by this house who knows how many times in hope that he would one day answer. A few seconds after I had finished telling my companion this the man walked around the corner of his house and said "oh hi sorry I was piling wood so I couldn't answer." Which means that he heard everything we said. Haha Im pretty sure he just answered us because he was afraid we would pass by every night for 6 months until they came out to talk to us! We set a date to come back and visit him and his family. Hopefully he answers the door faster next time haha. 

Weird story: Well our Indi investigador Cecilia (the crazy lady) is progressing slowly but is progressing! We decided that the best course of action for her would be to watch a movie about the life of Christ to help her understand more his role (also to help her stop talking and listen a little bit haha). In the opening there is the scene where Jesus calms the storm and an apostle says "What manner of man is this?" At this point in the movie Cecilia turns to us and says "Oh wow this is probably what you guys say about me!" Uuuuummmmmmmmm... not quite. At the end of the film Cecilia turned to her 6 year old daughter and asked her what she had learned from the movie. The daughter innocently replied "That Jesus died for us and then was resurrected?" Cecilia then said "No you understood it wrong. What the movie was about is this: (insert crazy explanation that has nothing to do with Jesus Christ)". HOWEVER at the end of the lesson we asked her to pray and she prayed! Progressing slowly but progressing :) 

Sad story: We found an old investigator named Daniela. She is about 25 and has a son and is super amazing! She was meeting with the missionaries about 3 years ago and she loved the gospel. She received almost all the lessons and had a date to be baptized and was looking forward to it when the missionaries suddenly stopped visiting her. When she talked to us she told us how she really had had the desire to join the church and she believe in it all (she even told us the history of Joseph Smith) but that when the missionaries never came back she felt really abandoned and deceived. She told us that she would still love to be part of the church and would like to receive us but that she had since been baptized in the Evangelist church and that she didn´t want to be baptized again. She also told us that the other missionaries had bought clothes from her mom but never came back to pay for them either... Ah it made me want to hunt down the old missionaries and slap them in the face! We set a date to come back and visit Daniela another day and I think that as she goes learning more she will start to have more trust in us and will be able to progress mucho.

Awesome story: YUYUNIS CAME TO CHURCH AGAIN AND WILL BE BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY! She is the daughter of Catalina, who was baptized as a kid with her family but stopped going to church right after. They are both so great and have so much desire to be part of the church. We had a family home evening with them and a family that lives super close to them and it was fantastic. They became fast friends and Yuyunis became best friends with the daughter of the family Gomez. However the next time we came around to teach Yuyunis she wasn't home because she was out playing with her new friend so that backfired a little haha. However (if everything goes good this week) next week I will be sending you all pictures of the newest member of the Rama Baquedano :)

Anyways love you all more stories to come next week!

Hermana Wittwer 

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