Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Well folks, September is the weirdest here. Some days it's so super hot that I think Im going to die. And some days it decides to be rainy and windy and freezing. And some days it decides to be all of them. Luckily I live in my sector for a change, so if we are dying because the weather has changed drastically, we can always go home and change super quick! 

This week we have been working a lot with our investigators to decide who we should keep teaching and who we need to drop. I hate dropping investigators but there are a lot of people here who will let us in their house to teach them but who aren't willing to change or cumplir with their compromisos. (mom put those words in google translate because i don't know what they are in English). My method is that I will never drop an investigator unless I feel like I have done absolutely everything I can to help them, but after all is said and done it is really all up to them...

Miracle of the week: a member of the Rama here said to us "Hey i have a reference for you guys. I don't know who it is but I passed a house the other day and I felt super strongly that the missionaries need to visit there. Go contact the house some time after 7 this week." Ummm... yeah ok sure. So we went. And we found Carolina. She is so  super great! She invited us into her house al tiro and really liked what we taught. We left her with a Book of Mormon and she was pretty excited to read it. My companion and I both felt super strongly that she is special. I'm so grateful that the members here are in tune with the spirit and ready to act on the impressions they receive, however random they might be sometimes!

Also there was a activity with the stake here for Independence Day and it was AWESOME. All the wards had a part of Chile to represent and had to do a dance about their region and luckily we got Easter Island. As missionaries we couldn't dance, but we still dressed up. We got to help do everyones hair and make flower necklaces and all kinds of fun stuff. Basically Chile is just the second best country in the world... (don't worry, I still know where my loyalties lie, USA!).

Anyways love you all and hope you're all as excited for General Conference as we are! Until next week!

Hermana Wittwer

(Ky has been out for 8 months as of today!)

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