Thursday, January 19, 2017

Well... honestly this week has been pretty uneventful. We are looking for new investigators and contacting a lot and getting super sunburnt and it's a blast! Holidays during the mission are hard because EVERYONE leaves. And none of your investigators are home. But that's alright because it gives us time to look for new people and the investigators should be getting back from visiting the beach pretty soon :)

So one funny thing did happen this week. We teach English twice a week in the church and we take turns among the gringos teaching it. This thursday it was my turn, so we went to the church and set up the room and everything and I wrote on the whiteboard "Welcome to English Clase" and underneath in spanish "Bienvenida a la clase de Inglés". Everyone got there (like 4 people) and we started the class when suddenly one of the people raised their hand and said, "Um... isn't clase de Inglés spelled with two S's?" ... I'm not sure if they will invite me back to teach next week haha. 

Ok I might have said it before but the best part about being back in my old zone is that I get to see people I know all the time and I get to do interchanges with my old sector. This tuesday I was in Centinela and it was a blast. We got to visit new people and old people and I felt like a newbie again. Also I was with my old compañera so that was a blast :) 

This week we have plans to find lots of new people and set up some baptisms for February so it should be a good week. 

Hermana Wittwer 
And this week's email.....

Hey sorry I dont have a lot of time today but a quick update on life:

This week we did interchanges so I got to go to Chimbarongo with Hermana Lund. It was out of the city and WE HAD BIKES so I got to fulfill that mission-long dream. 

Here in my sector things are picking up. This week we had more lessons than we´ve had in a long time and we found 7 new investigators. Now we are just working to get people progressing! 

Sorry mom, I know I'm the worst. I promise to write more next week. Love you all bye!

Hermana Wittwer

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