Monday, January 30, 2017

So there are some huge fires here in Chile and things are getting a little crazy. Where I am there aren't any problems but a town kind of close is up in flames. It doesn't affect us at all except for the smoke which is covering the town. All my clothes smell like smoke and it's a little smoggy but besides that we are all good. Unfortunately the smoke seemed like a good reason for a few investigators to not come to church so that was the worst... 

This week my comp and I have been working like crazy. And its been paying off because we have found a lot of really good people. Here are a few:

Juana Parraguez: Juana is the cutest little old lady there is and she always gives us juice and "pan de pascua" (fruitcake). She loves to listen to us and really wants to go to church, but it's a little hard because she just had a hip surgry and it hurts in the mornings sometimes. She still isn't sure if she wants to be baptized because of a few friends she has, but she is praying about it. 

Juana Salas: I have never met a person who talks more in my life. Ever. We almost can't even teach her because of it. She just talks and talks and talks about things that have nothing to do with what we are teaching. BUT she is golden and loves us and wants to go to church with her daughter, so we are just practicing our conversation skills haha.

Paula Cruz: Paula received missionaries before but was never really interested until now. She reads what we leave her and she understands everything we teach her. She told us straight up that she doesnt want to get baptized, BUT we all know that the spirit can change that. We are planning on teaching the doctrine of baptism this week with her so wish us luck! 
(Paula also has a family super similar to mine (including 3 sons who are CRAZY) so I feel a lot of love for her and her family).

Diego: Diego is 12 and his family is less active. We activated his family and are now working on getting them to the temple together! Diego was never baptized but he wants to do it. They said they want to be prepared as a family to do it, so we are working with his siblings, parents, and grandparents. They are the familia Garrido and I kind of love them a lot. 

There are some more but those are my favorites. I love seeing how people here in the mission really change so so much and I feel super blessed for all the things I've learned here. I think that's something huge that I've learned here- the power of change and repentance! I know that through our Savior Jesus Christ we can all be better everyday. 

HermaƱa Wittwer

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