Sunday, February 26, 2017

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey everybody! 

So this week we had to do interchanges with other pairs of missionaries. I stayed here because I have more time in the sector and my companion went to the other sectors. A lot of missionaries hate interchanges but I actually really like them! I like being able to know more people and have a better relation with the hermanas in the zone. Tuesday I was with Hermana Garcia (from Colombia) and Wednesday with Hermana Leal (Mexico). As much as I love interchanges, it felt good to be with my companion again after 2 days apart. 

We have been able to see a lot of progress with a few people this week. Juana Salas (the one who talks a LOT) is now waiting for us every time we visit, with her Book of Mormon open and with questions to ask us, and she LOVES going to church. We usually go pick her up Sunday mornings, and this Sunday she called us (because we were running 5 minutes late) and said "hey where are you guys? We got bored of waiting here, we will meet you half way to the church." Haha she also goes to EVERY activity that there is and takes her daughter with her. She is great and I hope to still be here to see her baptism in April!

Nicolas is the other person who is progressing a ton. He is 16 and came to church with his cousin one day and since then hasn't missed a sunday. He is also always waiting for us when we get to his house and has a lot of really genuine questions for us. He is super nervous about his baptism in March and is scared he won't be ready but he totally will. He makes me think of my brothers a lot :) 

So although we also have a lot of other people progressing, we decided to make our goal this coming week to find new investigators and spend more time contacting. So hopefully next week we will have lots of new people to teach!

Love you all,
Hermana Wittwer

Oh also this week in English class we were learning about families and I wrote things on the whiteboard like "Mom" and "uncle" and "cousin" and "nefew". Turns out "nefew" is written with a "ph." Good thing the people I teach know more english than I do and can correct my mistakes... 

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