Sunday, March 5, 2017

So we had interchanges with Centinela this thursday and it was awesome to be in my old sector! I was with Hna Herrera (from Chile) and we found some really good new people to teach and were able to visit a few people I knew from before. 

However, meanwhile my companion was with hna Santana (the companion of hna Herrera who is in her first change in the mission) and they happened to walk down a street with a dog that always tries to bite us. I'm used to taking out my scriptures every time I pass to hit the dog if it wants to bite us but Hna Reynoso didn't know about the dog... right as the were leaving the street the dog ran out and bit Hna Santana in the leg. It bled a little and they had to go to the hospital to get shots but she is alright now! To be honest I'm a little bummed out that it went down when I wasn't there... being bit by a dog is one of my secret goals for the mission... 

Saturday we had a "capilla abierta" (like an open house of the church) in Chimbarongo. All the missionaries in the zone went to help  present the church and invite people to come in. It was funny because we were all just trying to get people to come however we could, and we even started stopping people passing by on bikes to try to get them to come in! We actually had some good success and a lot of people came. 

So Carla, our investgator who was going to get baptized this week, suddenly dissapeared... turns out that she was just going to get baptized for her boyfriend who is a member, but she doesnt have any real desire in following in the church... It was pretty disapointing for us but we are recovering and working a lot with other people. Also this week we did find a lot of new people so we are excited to see if they will progress! 

Love you all, 

Hermana Wittwer

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