Thursday, February 9, 2017

So the last few weeks have been super good. We have been finding tons of people and teaching tons of lessons. But this week for some weird reason everything just stopped. We stopped finding people. None of the investigators were home and every lesson fell through. We felt like we were working harder than ever but everything was just going randomly bad. By the time Saturday came my companion and I were just tired. I turned to her and said "This week has been so bad. Its probalby because all the miracles are just builing up and tomorrow everything good will happen." Which is exactly what happened. 

Sunday morning in the church we had 4 investigators who came:

1. CARLA: Sunday morning we were in church and a old investigator named Carla walked in. We had stopped visiting her a few weeks ago because she was avoiding us and not answering our phone calls... but sunday morning she came in, looked at us and said "Hermanas, I recieved my answer. Im ready now and I want to be baptized. When can I do it?" You can probably imagine how excited we were haha. 

2. NICOLAS: Nicolas is a young kid of 17 who just to come to church with his cousin last week. Since then he has been to every single activity we do in church and he came again this week. He was pretty standoffish at first and didnt want to give us his information or anything but this Sunday he told us we could visit him and teach him on Monday. He is absolutely golden and so prepared.

3. DIEGO: Diegos parents are both members less actives who we are reactivating in the church. He is only 12 years old but he is soooooooo smart. He understands everything we teach and wants to be baptized BUT before his parents always said they wanted to wait until his grandpa could get worthy and baptize him. Which, they said, could be in april or may. But then this sunday in church they turned to us and said "We talked to Hermano Venegas and we were thinking about having him baptize Diego earlier." I dont think our mouths were hanging open but they might have been. 

4. JUANA SALAS: Juana is the investigator who talks a lot. A lot a lot. But this Sunday she came to church with her daughter and they boths LOVED it. After the church she was just so happy and from what she told us it sounds like she should be coming back next week too. Now we just have to work on teaching her the lessons and making her listen to us!

After church Sunday we decided to pass by some people we talked to the other day. By the end we had like 5 new investigators. All in All it was just a day full of miracles. I think sometimes we just have to have bad weeks so we can recognize just how good the good days are :)

Hermana Wittwer

Mom note: I asked Ky to tell me something I didn't know about her.  Her reply, "Did you know I put socks in the freezer?"  What?! She said, "It's so hot in the night that i get my socks (long socks) wet and put them in the freezer and in the night take them out and use them as a cooling pack. totally works. our freezer is full of socks." 

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