Saturday, April 8, 2017

So this week was a little weird because I had VERY little time to work in my sector on account of interchanges with other missionaries, conferences, and interviews with our mission president, and general conference. But while there was little time, we made the most of it! Here is the update on our progressing investigators:

Solange and Jaime: Solange is great and is in Mosiah in the book of mormon and wants to get baptized BUT her and Jaime aren't married so she can't... however we started teaching Jaime and he is really great and also has desires to get baptized BUT he is smoking and doesn't want to get married until he quits smoking... so we are working on that! This week he asked for a priesthood blessing to stop smoking and it was a pretty spiritual moment when he received it.

Olga and Edgar: They are from Colombia and have been receiving missionaries for a while. They are so great they are basically already members BUT also not married. The difference is that they want to get married soooooooooooooooooo bad but they can't because of problems with their visas in Chile... Pray for them, we are hoping for a miracle!

Jose Canales: Jose is a very interesting investigator. He has received all the lessons and goes to church almost every week and wants to be baptized BUT he doesnt want to live the word of wisdom. We are going to try to teach him a little more about obedience and help him have more desire to live the gospel principles. 

Joaquin: Joaquin is 10 and is the son of a less active member we found contacting (funny thing, you find a LOT of less active members here contacting). They started going to church and he wants to be baptized, his only desafio of that he is 10 haha. We have to strive to teach lessons in really simple, fun ways so he pays attention. It's fun to have to look for creative ways to teach him!

Anyways other than that we have a lot of new people and are looking for more. Hopefully with more time in our sector this week we will be able to find some more! 

HermaƱa Wittwer

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