Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ok this week was just full of funny stories so I'm going to share a few of the best ones with you all.

Funny story:
So remember how last week I was super excited to have bikes? Yeah so my first day with bikes was awesome and I LOVED it! However, my second day we had to go to Rancagua for a meeting so we were gone all day. We got back to the house that night at like 9:30 and I looked around and said "Hey... where are our bikes?" Yep, they totally robbed our bikes. My second day. It was pretty sad... The thing is that they were locked up with a really thick metal thing inside a gated apartment complex so we assumed they would be ok, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut looks like we forgot we are in Chile. We did find the metal bike lock after, looks like they cut it with something huge!   
Later that week the elders called us and said "Hey hermañas what do your bikes look like?" We described them and they were like "We think this guy has your bike!" So they ran down the street and chased down this guy on a bike! hahaha. Totally wasn't our bike, but it's the thought that counts I guess.... 

Cute story: one thing thats always been really sad for me is that my last name is very hard for people to say. So nobody remembers my name. Well the other day we were walking and we ran into our ward mission leader and his little 3 year old kid and the dad asked "Son, what is that missionaries name?" He was embarrassed and hid behind his dad and his dad says "No, but we practiced this morning!" it was pretty cute. 

Gross story: As missionaries we aren't allowed to have pets, but every sector I've been in we have had "friends" that are animals. So in my new sector there is this dead dog that lives outside our apatment building. I say lives there, because he has been there for like a month. My companion named him Maggots. He smells really bad and it's super gross but he seems to be our pet for the change... I think I'll actually be sad when someone gets rid of him. If someone ever gets the guts to do it haha. 

Weird story: We we knocking doors and we came across some lady who is actually an inactive. We taked to her for a bit and she was... interesting. She asked me where I was from and I said St George Utah, and she said "oh where they tested out the atomic bombs?" I was like um, I think you're thinking of a different St George? She said "No it's there, did you not know? Thats why 70% of the people there have cancer." I was like um, I don't actually know very many people with cancer, to which she replied "That's because everybody keeps it a secret. I read it on Google,  and Google never lies. I know a lot of things." I was so trying not to laugh, but also super weirded out hahaha. Maybe we will visit her again some other day. (Mom note: the crazy lady was mostly correct....the government  did test nuclear bombs in the deserts of Utah. And a lot of people did die from cancer because of it. John Wayne shot a movie in that desert about 10 years after the  nuclear testing, and eventually out of the 220 people working on the film, 91 of them died from cancer. John Wayne, the director,  and every leading and supporting cast member died from cancer. Even John Wayne's son got cancer after visiting him on the set. Marc was quite disgusted  that Ky didn't know this. He has taught all of the kids the story.)    :)

Spiritual story: We had a lesson with Thiare, a new investigator who is 15, and it was the best. We taught the restoration and asked her how she felt after and she said "Wow, I've never felt like this. I didn't know this kind of emotion is posible! I feel so... peacful. And happy. I don't know, it's weird. I really want to know if this is the truth." My comp and I were dying. It was so perfect. So we explained about the Holy Ghost and how she can pray to ask God and she said she would do it. She is golden!!!

So since I'm in a new sector I now have new investigators, but I've been in my sector like 4 days so I don't know everyone. Next week I'm going to talk more about the people we are teaching and what's going down with them. love you all bye!

Hermaña Wittwer

(Another mom note: Ky's English has gotten TERRIBLE!  She's asked me to correct her spelling before I send her emails out, and it is becoming more and more work.   Haha.) 

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