Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hey everyone! So here are a few highlights from this week:

On Friday we had a conference with our mission president and it was sooooooo nice not having to help teach anymore! Not being a sister leader is the absolute best. Anyways, in the conference he talked a lot about searching for people with faith and not just knocking doors, and it really go to me. So one day we were contacting and there was nobody, so we said a prayer and I looked around and said "ok we are going to contact every house in this street with light," and every single one answered us and were super nice! it was a miracle really and we now have a few really promising future investigators. 

Saturday we had a baptism!!! Sol is a little girl of 10 years who comes from some rough family situations. However a family of members here in the chuch took charge of her and have basically adopted her into the church and help her a ton. They pick her up every sunday morning and take her home after church. They are a great example for me and for all the members here of how to help others and share the gospel. So Sol was baptized and looked like a little angel. She was sooooooooooo happy and when she gave her testimony after,  literally everyone was crying. It was a special and very humbling experience being able to teach and help Sol. 

So on Sunday we were determined to help a less active family come to church. When we told the bishop they were coming he said "ha good luck." When we told their neighbors they were coming they laughed and said "good one." But little did they know just how stubborn my comp and I are. So at 8:30 sunday morning my comp and headed out and went to the house of this family. We opened their gate and knocked on their door and yelled "halo!" and tossed rocks at their window for 15 minutes until the mom answered the door. We then proceeded to enter the house and go from bedroom to bedroom waking up every member of their family. It was kind of a blast and everyone was suprised when they showed up at church at 10! They looked so happy in the church and afterwards they told us that they knew they needed to come again and they would be here the next week too. 

Love you all and I'm loving the mission (I think I'll just stay here). Have a good week!

HermaƱa Wittwer

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