Friday, July 7, 2017

Hey folks! So I'm still here in Rengo, still working hard and loving the mission. This week went by super fast because Friday and Saturday we had something called "capillas abiertas." Basically this means that we open the church and turn it into a mini visitors center. We put banners up that explain the things we believe and us sister missionaries give a little mini tour while the elders go out in the street and drag people in. All the members come too to explain all the organizaciones and what we do during meetings on sunday. Friday we had one here in Rengo and Saturday about a hour and a half away in Doñihue. They were pretty great, we had a lot of people come and a few were really interested! 

Sunday we had a huge miracle: Romina and Jaime came to church! Romina is less active and Jaime is her boyfriend. They live together and Jaime has been investigating the church for a while but hasn't really been progressing. But this week we have seen huge changes.  They have started reading the Book of Mormon together every morning, are praying together often, and even went to church!!! Jaime knows the church is true, he just needs to act on what he knows now. Their biggest impediment is that they are living together and aren't married, but Sunday we taught them about eternal marriage and temples and they said they would pray together to ask if they should get married. We are hoping for the best and trusting that if they ask they will get their answer! 

Other than that it's been a pretty normal week, lots of lessons, lots of riding in bikes, lots of fun. Oh also a recent convert took us out to his ranch to feed chickens but then he ended up killing the chickens and feeding them to us... haha so yeah that is just to explaing the weird pictures my mom will probably send with this. 

Love you all have a good week! And enjoy the 4th of July for me!! 

Hermaña Wittwer

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