Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Well this week has been great!

Interesting things that happened this week: It snowed!!! It hasn't snowed here in Rengo since 1993 so everyone was freaking out. A member called us at 2:30 AM to tell us it was snowing and literally EVERYONE was outside in the road. It lasted about 1 hour and in the morning only a little bit of snow was left but it was still a cool miracle to see.

Today for P day we went with my district to some mountains to see the snow. We took a bus 40 mins to get to a place called Las Nieves and from there we hiked in about a hour. It was super pretty and was a blast and everything, but to our surprise when we hiked back out a few hours later we found out that the bus that dropped us off wasn't passing by for another 2 hours! So we began to walk. And walk and walk and walk. We walked along this road in the middle of nowhere for a good hour or so before a truck finally took pity on us and hauled us all to a little town called Chimba where we took a taxi back to Rengo. It was a good adventure! 

So this week I had to write a letter to my mission president and explain how the mission has changed me. It was interesting because I began by writing about my experiences that I had in my first sector Centinela and then went through all my sectors explainging experiences that had changed me. During the mission I didn't really feel like I was changing that much. It really wasn't until looking back from the end that I was able to see how much I had really changed. 

The truth is that the misison has taught me many things. It has taught me to be patient. It has taught me to love and serve others. It has taught me how to listen to the spirit. And more than anything it has strengthened my testimony of this gospel and brought me to know my Savior. I have hit the highest and lowest points in my life here and have learned more than in all my 19 years before.  I am super grateful for the blessing I had to serve here in Chile as a missionary, and I wouldnt change my time here for anything. 

So... this is my last week in the mission. Thanks to all of you for your support! See you in a few!

HermaƱa Wittwer

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