Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hey hey everybody! So to start off, my new compañera's name is Hermana De Los Santos (yes, like De Los Ultimos Dias, I know). She is 20 years old and from Uruguay and has 15 months in the mission. She is super awesome and we get along great, we are very similar. 

This week has been a week of miracles. To start off we had divisions one day and my compañera went to Peumo and I stayed here with Hermana Wight. BUT Hermana Wight is new and from Gringolandia, so she speaks absolutely no Spanish. Which meant that it was all up to me that day. Luckily it all went super well. We degrained (more) corn for Hermana Zamorano and I managed to talk to her for 2 hours straight while we did it. I think it's safe to say that while my Spanish still has a long long way to go, I can survive on my own now! 
Also, funny story with that: when we degrained the corn it destroyed our hands (blisters everywhere) so Hermana Zamorano says to us "I have this really awesome cream that will totally heal your hands, its got lots of vitamins." Aaaaaaaaaand then she gave us some sunscreen. Hahaha I love her so much. 

So I don´t remember if I´ve already written about our investigator named Daniela but she was our super promising investigator who accepted a baptismal date and was amazing. However we found out today from her mom (who is a less active) that she already got baptized when she was 8. It's probably something we should be happy about but it was a bit of a bummer... 

Anyways, Saturday we started fasting that we would find people to teach, and guys fasting works! I seriously have such a huge testimony of that because right when we started fasting we started finding a bunch of people. One of them is named Mario and when we knocked on his door he said "Oh hey you guys are the mormons. I met with some missionaries a few years ago did they send you? I´ve been waiting for them to come back!" We have a date to visit him this week, I am very excited for it. 

Later that night we were passing through a pobulacion called Rucatalca but we were heading for Eduardo Barrios, and for some reason I thought I knew a shortcut to get there (all who are familiar with my sense of direction know that this shortcut doesn´t exist). Anyways, we were walking down a road when some crazy dogs tried to eat us, so we ran down a different random road. From here we happened to see a road sign that said Chepica. In my mind I thought "huh, I think there is an old investigator that lives down this road that we were going to visit the other day." So we searched for this house and when we got there Carmen, the lady who lives there, let us in. When we got into her house she said to us "Do you know why I let you in?" (this scared us a little) and then she said, "I let you in because I need you. I´ve been praying for someone like you and I know God sent you to help me and I know that I need your message." BAM! It was such a miracle because we had absolutely no plans to pass by her house. I know that it really was an answer to her prayer and an answer to ours. 

This really is Gods work and I am absolutely loving the mission! I have grown so much here it's incredible and I know that I am only going to keep learning and growing. I love you all have a great week!

Hermana Wittwer 

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