Friday, December 23, 2016

Short, but sweet...

Alright folks sorry this will be a short email but this week I just want to tell you about a miracle we had. We have an investigator named Maria Teresa who wants to get baptized so bad. She goes to church, studies what we leave her, and prays always. Basically perfect with just one little flaw. She smokes. She used to smoke a lot a lot, but after we taught her the word of wisdom she slowed down a little. We offered her a priesthood blessing from the elders which she accepted. We visited her a few days after the blessing and she told us, "Know what? I havent smoked since the blessing. I go outside, light my cigarro, and can't do it. In that moment it just appears so... gross. So I just drop it and go back inside." Priesthood blessings work!!! She will be baptized the 31 of December :)

Hermana Wittwer

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