Sunday, December 18, 2016

So Monday we got to do a service activity/Christmas activity with the 2 zones in Rancagua. We went to a (casa de ancianos? old peoples home? I forgot how they are called...) and we sang a bunch of Christmas songs. My comp and I had to sing in a special number with the Elders of Baquedano but it didnt really phase me because I firgure if I sing bad, the old people wont remember it long. At the end we sang "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" and Hna Harris played the violin and an Elder played the piano and it was sooooooo powerful. We were all in tears when we finished. It's amazing how during Christmas you really can feel the difference as people strive more to remember Christ. 

This Wednesday we had a special activity in the church called Capillas Abiertas (open houses?). Basically we opened up the church and we had a bunch of members come to explain their organizations and we had banners to explain the things we believe. In the sacrament room we had a giant image of Christ and we made it into a little mini visiting center. A lot of people came and it was amazing how strong the spirit was. Everyone left in awe.

 Later we visited some of the people who came and they all said it was a great experience. There was a family we are teaching and the daughter Fernanda never wanted to listen to us. But after going to the open house she said "Wow I felt so... different there. I don't know  what it is but I think I like your church more than mine!" She accepted a baptism date for the end of January so we are excited to see how she progresses.

This sunday we had a miracle. In church we met a woman named Maria Teresa. We talked to her and she told us she was meeting with missionaries in 2008 in Santiago but was never baptized, but that she wanted to change her life and she wanted us to visit her. So after church we went to her house and talked to her and taught her a little and she is GOLDEN. We set a date for her baptism the 31 of December. She really wants to be baptized this day and I think she is already more converted to the gospel than a lot of members here! 

Merry Christmas!!

Hermana Wittwer

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