Friday, December 9, 2016

Weird things that have happened this week:
-2 people thought I was from Argentina
-1 person thought I was from Germany
-Somebody asked us if we would let them into our neighborhood to catch a rare Pokemon that was inside
-Our best family of investigators decided to tell us they already got baptized like 20 years ago. 
-Some guy who was sitting next to me in this internet cafe asked for a selfie with my compaƱera and I. We got his address and will send someone else to visit him. 

But other than that its been a pretty normal week! 

This week we have been focusing a lot on the Light The World thing the church is doing. We have seen that video with about every single person I know here in our sector and pass cards of it to everyone we talk to. If you guys haven't p seen the video or aren't doing the things every
day DO IT. We as a mission are trying to do the things every day, but its a little hard when one of them is something like "call you mom and tell her thanks"... 

We have been focusing on inviting people to church a lot this week but here in Chile there is a problem called almost everyone will say "oh yeah ok I'll try to go!" but then they NEVER actually come. So this Sunday we were determined to get people to come. So we woke up early and left the house early to go look for our investigators. We woke some people up. And called a lot of people. And they still didn't go... haha I think we are going to have to look for new techniques to help people get to church. 

This week that is coming is going to be super great and we are going to have like 20 investigators in church on Sunday, so get ready for next weeks email! Love you all bye!

HermaƱa Wittwer(Mom note: I hope that dog doesn't have fleas...)

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