Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hey there everyone! So anther week in the misson has gone flying by.
Time seriously passes so fast!!! Here are a few things that have happened this week:

One HUGE miracle that we saw this week was with the Miranda family (a less active family). We have been visiting this family for a long time and its amazing to see how they have changed. When I got here, they were about to be separated and their kids always hid in their rooms when we went to visit them. They didn't really want to go to church or anything and they were, frankly, bad off. However they have had a complete turn about. Andres (the dad) said that they wanted to have an interview with the mission president to be able to start all the things he needs to do to come back to the church, and his son said that he wanted to serve a misson. They promised to go to church this Sunday and THEY WENT!! It was amazing to see how much more peace there is in
their house and how they really truly are a lot more happy now.

Another miracle that we saw this week was with our investigator Diego. Diego is 11 and his parents were inactive, but we have been working with them and they have changed a ton. This Sunday we had planned to
visit them and we decided that we were going to put his baptism date in the lesson. Well we got there and his mom says "So we were talking the other day, and Diego told me that he feels ready and wants to be baptized on April 14. Is that a good day for you guys?" We were both just like "uuuuum yeah!" They are such a special family, and they have plans to be sealed in the temple this year. I know I probably wont be able to be there with them, but I am so happy for them. There is
really nothing better than seeing people you work with and visit go to the temple :)

Our other really great investigator, Juana Salas, wasnt able to go to church this week because she was really sick. We visited her too
Sunday and she had read what we left her to read and said she is really excited for her baptism, but we have a few doubts. Namely she told us that she isnt smoking anymore, but we are 87% positive that she definitley is. Pray for her so she can be able to stop smoking!

So sad news... we have changes this week and I'm leaving Guadalupe. I'll be going to Curic√≥ (as an hermana leader again), and while I'm sad to be leaving San Fernando, I'm excited to know a new city! My companion is going
to be Hermana Cook, MY FIRST GRINGA COMPANION, who was also one of my MTC
comanions so thats going to be a blast! I'm also really excited because I'm
going to have a bike!!!! Whoooooooooooooooo finally! Wish me luck in my new sector!

The worst part about changing sectors is saying goodbye to everyone. I
don't ever cry (because I never cry) but a lot of the people we visit do. And it's always really sad. And I don't like seeing people sad. But
I guess it's part of the mission. I really have developed a lot of love for the people of San Fernando and am going to miss it here and I
wouldn't change my time here for anything.

Hermana Wittwer

Mom insert-Ky sent me this story in my email:

We went to say goodbye to one of my favorite families here and we were
talking to them and the mom says "hey my son said the other day that he is going to go to the mission and then in 2 years he is going to
marry you." I was like hahaha um what? it was pretty funny. He was a little embarrassed but didnt deny it. oops thats the awkwardest
thing ever. And they kept talking about it! They were like "oh wait, it will have to be 3 years because he will have to work to save money
to go visit you... or you could come here, that might be better..." I was all like hahaha ok we have to go now bye!  :)

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