Sunday, March 19, 2017

On Tuesday we had a conference with Presidente Harris. The conference was about 7 hours (with lunch) and for 4 HOURS STRAIGHT President talked about repentence. And you know what? I wasn't even bored. I think repentence has become one of my favorite topics here in the mission. I love teaching it and I love studying it. I feel like the more I study it, the more I realize how much more there is to study and learn! 

So last Sunday the elders invited a guy from the street to come to church and, suprisingly, he came. His name is Nesley and he is from Haiti and he is awesome. He only has 3 months here in Chile but he lived in the Dominican Republic for a while so he knows a little Spanish. We set an appointment to teach him in the Church this Friday and he showed up with 3 friends he lives with- all from Haiti and all with very limitted spanish! We weren't sure if they wanted to learn Spanish or the Gospel, so we went with both and taught them to pray in Spanish. Looks like from now on we will be teaching Spanish classes every Monday morning hahaha. 

(Funny story: We asked Nesley how he learned spanish so fast here and he told us that he learned in the Dominican Republic. He said "There they say "si" and here they say "si po" so it's not all that different." We about died laughing. I dont know if you guys knew that but here everyone says "po" after everything. It doesn't mean anything, it just gives it emphasis and has become a very basic part of my vocabulary.) 

This Saturday we had a miracle. Every single companionship in my district had a baptism!!!  Nicolas is our investigator who was baptised. He is 16 and his mom is a member but hadn't been to church in about 20 years. When we first started teaching him he was there but not that interested and seemed to listen only because he had nothing better to do. But now it's amazing to see the changes and the affects the gospel has on people. He hasn't missed a week in church since we started teaching him and he has been able to find something to fill the hole he has in his life. The thing that impacted him the most was the Plan of Salvation. When he learned about the plan God has for us, he started relating everything we teach to the plan and has expressed his desire to get to the Celestial kingdom. We are now going to keep working with him to help him get ready to go on the mission in a few years!

This Saturday there are cambios... I dont think I'm going to change. Let's pray that I don't!! Things are going great in my sector and Im very happy and humbled for having the opportunity to serve here in Chile :)

Hermana Wittwer

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