Monday, March 21, 2016

Answers to some of the mama's questions....


The best treat is empanadas. Not a dessert but amazing!

Just send my letters to the mission home because I think that's the right place. We get our letters and packages once a weekish but I haven't gotten yours yet. My roommates got some packages so I ate their food, which was nice.

Yes members make me lunch every day and its heavenly! It also lasts about two hours and they feed us sooooooo much food.

My potential baptisms didn't come to church and I'm so so so sad about it. Also I don't think Robert is obeying the word of wisdom...

So on Saturday we had a district conference and I sat next to Elizabeth, a member of our rama, and she gave me candy during it which reminded me of you. I think you guys would be friends, but she is kind of controlling and bossy so you wouldn´t be best friends haha.

There is a family here that I love (the Aedo family) and they are so so great. I want to be able to speak Spanish so bad because I want to be able to teach and make friends on a deeper level than my Spanish allows, but I know it will take time so I'm being patient and trusting in God.
You have two minutes to ask more questions. LOVE YOU!

 hermana wittwer

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