Monday, March 21, 2016

Hola everyone!

I`ll start out with the funny story so you guys can read it and quit if you want. This week we had a zone conference and while we were walking to it my compañera turns to me and says: oh hey by the way we are singing a special musical number, what should we sing? WHAT?!? So yeah we sang (I can`t remember which hymn) in front of everyone (!) and if you have heard me sing before you can imagine how that went. Good thing my compañera at least has a good voice haha.

So wow week two flew by! My spanish isn`t great but its better and better every day. I think my sign language gets better and better every day too. People weren`t lying when they said that people in Chile talk fast and cut lots of words short! A lot of times old people are really hard to understand and when talking to them my goal is just to have the right facial expressions haha.

We have a few really promising investigadors right now and are working a lot with menos activos as well. One investigador we have is Samuel.

He is 27ish and evangelist and has a lot, a lot, a lot of questions about weird obscure details that are hard to answer, so I`m grateful at times like that that I can pretend not to understand the question and just let my compañera answer it haha.

Anyways I`m loving the work- thank you all for your support! I love you all have a fantastic week!

Love Hermana Wittwer

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