Monday, March 28, 2016


This week has been a good one for sure! Lots of contacting because our lessons fall through a lot, but hey that's the mission life. 

So even though it was my third Sunday in the field, the first two were broadcasts for the whole district so this Sunday was my first with my rama. Because it was my first President Orsua introduced me to the rama and I got to introduce myself and share a short thought or scripture with the ward. It went pretty well but I was super nervous because both the mission President and the District President were there for some reason. Talk about pressure! Anyways the second hour of church we have a gospel doctrines class for new converts and investigators but the teacher didn't show up so President Warne asked me and my compaƱera to teach it. Aaaaahhhhhhh! So Hna Aycho and I just winged it and whenever it was my turn to teach I just asked questions and made the Elders (there are two Elders in our rama too) and President Warne and his wife answer them haha. Overall it went pretty well though.

However, none of our investigators attended church this Sunday which was really sad because the baptism dates we had fell through. We don`t have any progressing investigatory right now but we are working with a lot of new people and I think a lot of them have a lot of potential so I`m excited for them! 

I`ve seen a noticeable difference in my Spanish this week. Don't get me wrong I still can't talk well and still don't understand a lot, but I`m definitely starting to understand more, and I can feel God helping me through each day. The mission life is crazy but its a great one and I`m loving it! Guys the church is true and we are so blessed to have it. Don't take it for granted and make sure to enjoy general conference this week (I feel like general conference is like missionary Christmas. Everyone here is counting down the days and I`m getting excited for it haha). Love you all! Have a great week! 

Hermana Wittwer 

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My companion is hna Aycho de Peru. She has one more cambio in the mission and then she is out of here (crazy!). She is about half my height and a mix between a mother hen and a 7 year old but I love her.  She is also very touchy which, you know, I love, lol. I am learning a lot from her about how to love the people though, so she is great for me in that way. 

I'm in San Fernando working in the Centenila sector. Try google mapping villa independencia and see what happens. 

The people are all very different. We have a lot of new investigators but not a lot of progressing so we are working on that. For the most part every one here is really nice but also every one here is catholic I swear! 

The food is amazing. Members feed us lunch every day and it is usually about 2 hours. People here eat very small breakfast and dinner but lunch is huge. I'm a little scared I'm going to gain like 27 lbs to be honest.

Hasn't rained yet.

I forgot it was Easter for most the day, it was pretty normal. We live with two other sister missionaries (gringas) though and one of them shared her peeps with us! Your package still hasn't come yet but hopefully this week is the week. 

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