Monday, March 14, 2016

In the field!!

Hey everyone!

Well its official I`m out in the field! Last Tuesday we left the CCM and drove down to Rancagua. We were assigned our trainers and our first areas and then we all went our seperate ways. I was assigned to the San Fernando district and my area is Centinela. Its so perfect for me I already love it! It's not countryside but its not a big city, its a perfect medium.

My trainer is Hermana Aycho. She is 23 and from Peru and no, she doesn´t know any English, so its been an adventure! She has been out for 15 months so she has a lot of experience and a lot of advice. We use a lot of sign language to communicate haha. There are two Hermanas who live with us who speak English so they help me out a little bit sometimes.

So guess what? I`ve already issued my first baptismal invitation to two people and they accepted it! They need to attend church for three weeks before they can be baptized though, so hopefully they will be able to do it. The people here are really great. Sure I can`t understand a lot of what they say (people weren't lying when they said chileans speak fast!) but I`m learning bit by bit.

Anyways, I don`t have much time to write but I love you all and wish you the best!

Love Hermana Wittwer

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